Muslim Association of Canada’s (MAC) Eid Festival is a unique event in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); the event gathers a diverse attendance that directly reflects the cultural mosaic of Ontario. They provide Muslims an opportunity to feel a sense of identity; most importantly for thousands of children to experience the enjoyment of these celebrations as part of their Canadian identity.

The Eid Festivals are completely organized, executed, and sustained by the efforts of volunteers.

Eid volunteers are special from those who participate in other community events. It is a large sacrifice to dedicate time on a special celebration to make it a day of joy for so many Muslim families and children.

Our volunteers come back year after year. This effort, dedication, and sacrifice result in the success of the Eid Festivals every years.

Volunteering Policies

  • All volunteers must sign up online. It is not recommended to sign up on the day of Eid. High school hours will only be provided for those who sign up online. All volunteers must be over the age of fourteen (14)
  • All volunteers MUST attend the volunteer training session. All team heads and all station leads MUST also attend the volunteer training session, in which they will meet their volunteers and get to know the environment they are working with. The effectiveness and efficiency of the volunteers depends on the training.
  • All volunteers must be respectful of all team leads and all station heads.
  • All volunteer must comply to the instruction of team leads and station heads. The first action a volunteer should take when starting a shift is to verify with the station head what is expected from them.
  • All volunteers must complete a form that includes an emergency contact number in case of an emergency during the training session.

Volunteer Roles

Pre-event Setup: 
Includes setting up tables for food, putting up banners, rolling out the prayer mats, etc. Recommended for those 15 years of age and older.

Crowd Control and Security: 
Direct attendees to complete lines in prayer. Direct brothers to brothers areas and sisters to sisters areas. Recommended for those over 16 years of age and older.

Entrance Usher: 
Welcome attendees as the enter the building and wish them an Eid Mubarak. Hand out Eid booklet (which includes schedule and site map).
Recommended for those over 14 yeas of age and older.

Event Tear Down:
You will be responsible to take down banners, pack supplies, complete inventory checks, and pack delivery trucks. Recommended for those 16 years of age and older.